RK: Till Kniola

19. Oktober 2013
Samstag – 16–18 h
A-Musik , Kl. Griechenmarkt 28–30, Köln

A Young Person’s Guide To Phill Niblock (2)

Eintritt frei

Till Kniola (DJ Zipo, aufabwegen] legt in dem Schallplattengeschäft A-Musik auf. Treffen und Sprechen beim gemeinsamen Platten hören, Till Kniola und Gäste stellen die Musik von Phill Niblock vor.

Phill Niblock, is an influential figure on the fringes of the Avant Garde. A gathering for listening together to recordings by Phill, only a tiny selection of composed music from the last four decades, presented by Till Kniola at the record shop A-Musik. It’s time to talk about it.
A characteristic of Niblock‘s drone style is its subtle, gradual alteration of pitch which leads one to lose a sense of ‘time’ and draws one deeper and deeper into the sound itself. The remarkable thing is that Niblock achieves this effect by almost always using traditional acoustic instruments.

Veranstalter: Kulturabteilung der Stadt Pulheim und freies rheinland e.V. /Georg Dietzler
Programmauswahl:  Phill Niblock, Harald Kimmig und Georg Dietzler