Sindre Bjerga / Frans de Waard

Lo-fi Konzert

24.  März 2016
/ DO / 19:30 h
Baustelle Kalk, Kalk-Mülheimer Straße 124,  51103 Köln

160324Sindre Bjerga(NOR)
tape, toys, cables, microphone

Modelbau(Frans de Waard, NL)
low end electronics, walkmans, sound effects
Tech Riders
(Sindre Bjerga/Frans de Waard, NOR/NL)
tapes, drones, electronics, ipad, rhythms, noise & computer

Eintritt frei – Spenden willkommen.

Sindre Bjerga / Experimental / psychedelic drone / collage music from Norway.
Has released more than 150 records on labels all over the world, runs the Gold Soundz label. „Majestic balance burns through damaged synapse. Entrancing electro-acoustic scratch, long form isolationism and cavernous tape-drone meditation from Sindre Bjerga, who should need no introduction after his prolific string of releases on various labels across the underground spectrum“ – Lighten Up Sounds b-sub genre he happens to be working in – space-drone, gurglecore, dictaphonics, others of his own devising – he imbues it with an engaging, informing intelligence. Playful, unafraid to meander, yet always attentive, thought through and sharp when it needs to be.“ – Rob Hayler, Radio Free Midwich „What remains consistent from one release to the next is a sense of personality. Whatever sub-su.

is the latest of the many names used by Frans de Waard, using a much more dynamic approach to sound, through very low end electronics, walkmans, sound effects en the high end such as Ipad and laptop (although the latter more for recording than anything else). As Modelbau he has played concerts in The Netherlands and Germany and released cassettes for Barreuh, Maneki Neko and Bookend Recordings as well as KormDigitaal. In concert he reaches for the superloud and the super quiet.

Tech Riders
a new duo for Sindre Bjerga & Frans de Waard. They will be performing together for the first time on this tour. Don’t expect another free form electronic improvisation but some preworked out ’songs‘ of some kind. Think easy going Cluster rhythms, so it’s going to be a bit of ambient noise drone psychedelica, but all with a more sense of lo-fi. Come and find out.

Veranstalter: freies rheinland e.V. c/o Georg Dietzler in Zusammenarbeit mit Baustelle Kalk und ON Neue Musik Köln